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"About three months ago I was referred to Build Perfect Credit regarding my credit scores. After my consultation, I trusted their ability and knowledge to work on my credit history and repair much of the reporting errors created by my various creditors. One big issue I had was a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. After two months, my score went from 675 to 830! I could not believe what I was seeing - higher scores and a bankruptcy removed. I highly recommend any individual who needs credit advice to call Build Perfect Credit."

Robin S.
Cleveland, OH

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so pleased with your service and happy to say that my credit is very good now. I have not been able to get a normal credit card for the past 3+ years, however, after signing up with Build Perfect Credit a little over a year ago, I am now approved for most credit lines that I apply for at good rates. Thanks again!"

Monica R.
Akron, OH

"I thought that having a credit score of 700 wouldn't give me any problems in getting approved for credit. When I applied to refinance my home loan, I was told I would have to pay a premium in interest rate because my credit score was 20 points lower than what I needed for the best interest rate. I contacted Build Perfect Credit and within 45 days they removed ALL the negative items from my credit report. I currently have a 783 credit score and was able to get the interest I wanted on my home loan. I highly recommend Build Perfect Credit to everyone."

Matthew H.
Atlanta, GA

"From the first day I talked to Build Perfect Credit, they did what they said they were going to do. The customer service is awesome. No hassles, no nonsense, and best of all... my wife and I boosted our credit scores over 100 points in less than 3 months."

Joe & Kathleen S.
Los Angeles, CA

"When my loan officer referred me to Build Perfect Credit I was skeptical on whether they would be able to assist me in repairing my credit. I didn't think I would be purchasing a home any time soon. Two months later my loan officer contacted me to inform me that my credit scores increased over 100 points and that I would be able to qualify for a loan. Build Perfect Credit made it possible for me to be a homeowner. Their credit specialists are very knowledgable and they educated me on how to maintain and increase my credit scores in the future. I suggest anyone with bad credit contact Build Perfect Credit."

Lazlo B.
Parma, OH

"My husband and I are astounded at the results we have received in 30 days with Build Perfect Credit. Within the first 30 days, our scores have increased almost 100 points. After many, many years, we are finally well on our way to buying our new home and we have Build Perfect Credit to thank for it! Their customer service is astounding and we could not be happier! Thank you!"

John & Renee L.
Cleveland, OH

"Thank you and your staff with the excellent work in helping me get back my credit back on track. My lowest score was a 533, and after working with Build Perfect Credit my credit score jumped up to 664! I was able to get my life back, not being stressed out all the time about my credit and getting denied for anything I'd apply for!! Now I'm following the tips that Build Perfect Credit gave to me to maintain my credit. Once again, thank you!! It's not a gimick - if anyone doubts it my name is Chris and you can email me at with concerns or questions."

Chris A.
Columbus, OH

"I've had good credit ever since the day I got my first checking account. I always paid my bills on time and never bought anything I couldn't afford to pay. I got a copy of my credit report while I was refinancing my house and I noticed I had errors on my credit report- still had a great score but just had errors with my name and address listings. I called the credit bureaus myself and followed their instructions. The errors did not come off my credit report. My mortgage officer gave me a card that said Build Perfect Credit. I figured I didn't need credit repair because my score was very high. Long story short, I had 30 minute conversation with Farah. I followed his instructions on how to fix these errors and follow up with the credit bureaus. I got all 4 of the errors removed. The guy didn't charge me a penny - just a conversation. Great customer service and honest advice. Use Build Perfect Credit if you need to get your credit back in shape."

Joseph A.
Cleveland, OH

Dear Anthony, "Thanks to you and your co-workers I am sleeping much better. The first time I met with you, I was very skeptical about the credit repair business. I had read stories about credit repair being a scam. My scores jumped from the low 500's to 691 in just under 3 months. Read it again 3 MONTHS!!! It's crazy how much life has changed. Thanks for treating me with so much respect. You guys are miracle workers. By the way, I bought that house that I told you I was renting."

Lauren D.
Chicago, IL

"I enrolled with Build Perfect Credit three months ago and have received phenomenal results. I have had numerous deletions on all 3 bureaus - things I never even knew could be deleted. Not only do they know the laws and regulations of credit repair but they also know customer service. Thank you so much! You have no idea how awesome you guys are."

D. Allen
Baltimore, MD

"It's all customer service. I gave them my credit report and a couple of collection notices I had when I signed up. Whenever I got mail from the credit bureaus I gave it to Build Perfect Credit. That's all I had to do. If I had a question, I picked up the phone. I HAD a 513 score. I HAVE a 668 score now."

Ed M.
Broadview Heights, OH

"I received my results from Experian and Transunion. I am putting it in the mail to you today. Wait till you see it!!! I seriously can't believe the amount of stuff that has been removed. Thanks,"

Paula J.
Columbus, OH