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Frequently Asked Questions

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    Can I contact someone at Build Perfect Credit before I decide to sign-up?
    Absolutely! We encourage you to call one of our professional credit analysts and ask any questions that may help you in determining the best solution for you credit needs. You can visit the Contact Us page on our web site and contact one of our representatives at your convenience.

    Why should I choose Build Perfect Credit?
    We Produce Results! Several factors set us apart from our competitors. Build Perfect Credit prides itself on its experienced legal staff, superior customer service and technological superiority. We stay current on consumer credit laws and economic issues, and we utilize the newest technology and proven techniques to ensure successful removal of inaccurate credit report information for our clients. Your privacy and confidentiality (especially concerning your social security number, credit card number and credit report information) are protected with Build Perfect Credit. Our Customer Service Guarantee is effective from day one. You do not have to be a client for any particular amount of time before you are protected by our guarantee.

    What services does Build Perfect Credit provide?
    Build Perfect Credit focuses exclusively on offering premier credit report repair services. In the future, we may offer additional services.

    How does the Build Perfect Credit Refund Policy work?
    Our Refund Policy is simple and straightforward! Build Perfect Credit, Inc. agrees to give a 100% refund if our consultation advice does not improve your credit. Improvement shall be defined as removing at least 25% of negative items from the three major credit bureaus: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.

    Do friends or family members get a discount?
    Build Perfect Credit offers a spouse discount. Even though credit is reported by the client's social security number, Build Perfect Credit offers discount pricing for married couples and couples with joint finances.

    What type of information does Build Perfect Credit collect?
    The personal information we collect is limited to the information you provide when you sign up and use our services. This information consists of your name, address, email address, phone number, social security number, date of birth, and billing information. Any additional information required will be obtained from your credits reports.

    When does Build Perfect Credit disclose personal information?
    Build Perfect Credit does not share, sell, transfer or convey your personal information to any unaffiliated companies or third parties. Build Perfect Credit maintains strict confidence of your personal information.

    How does Build Perfect Credit protect personal information?
    Build Perfect Credit safeguards the security of the data you send us with physical, electronic, and managerial procedures. We urge you to take every precaution to protect your personal data when you are on the Internet. Change your passwords often, use a combination of letters and numbers, and make sure you use a secure browser. The Build Perfect Credit web site uses industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption on all web pages where personal information is required. To sign up for our service, or to log into the client section of the web site, you must use an SSL-enabled browser such as Netscape Navigator 3.0 or later, or Internet Explorer. This protects the confidentiality of your personal information and credit card information while it is transmitted over the Internet.

    Do Attorneys Manage Build Perfect Credit?
    Yes! Build Perfect Credit's legal staff is comprised of consumer law, credit reporting, debt collection and billing law experts who have many years of experience in their field.

  • About Process


    How does the credit repair process work with Build Perfect Credit?
    (1) Sign up for our service, (2) Forward your credit reports, (3) Speak with a Build Perfect Credit analyst, and (4) Use the online case manager to monitor your results.

    How long will it take to repair my credit report?
    Our clients typically start seeing results in 45-60 days. Because everyone's credit profile is different, some cases are completed within that time, however, the average length for most clients is three (3) to six (6) months. It really depends on the type and number of accounts that need addressed in the credit profile. Successfully repairing credit requires persistence, patience and experience. This is where Build Perfect Credit's expertise saves YOU valuable time. To effectively dispute incorrect information on your credit report, the key is knowing the 'valid disputes' and understanding the methods used by the credit bureaus in order to submit personalized disputes that meet their requirements and warrant a timely response.

    Can Build Perfect Credit remove Bankruptcies from my credit report?
    Every consumer's situation is different. If you have a bankruptcy on your credit report that you feel is inaccurate, misleading, incomplete, or unverifiable in some way then we can dispute it for you. We cannot promise that a bankruptcy will be removed. However, Build Perfect Credit has successfully removed bankruptcies from our clients' credit reports in the past.

    Does Build Perfect Credit work with creditors?
    Yes! To provide the best results for our clients we interact with creditors. We create and send out custom dispute letters to the three major credit bureaus: Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. Once you mark the accounts you want disputed we will send letters to your creditors requesting verification of the information listed on the credit reports. If they are unable to verify the information, then they are required by law to remove or update the information reported.

    How does Build Perfect Credit work with joint accounts?
    We handle joint accounts in the same meticulous manner as individual accounts and we will dispute the information in your name only. Keep in mind that deletions resulting from your disputes may be deleted from the other person's credit report as well. If you intend to apply for credit together in the future, make sure that both of your reports are in good standing. To help you, you may want to enroll in the couples program.

    Can I Cancel Anytime?
    Yes. You may cancel at anytime.

    Does Build Perfect Credit Simply Dispute All My Negative Items?
    Absolutely Not! Federal law requires that all disputes be submitted in good faith. When you become a client of Build Perfect Credit, you provide us with the necessary information about the accounts on your credit report that qualify for a good faith dispute. We will dispute any account, positive or negative, that you review and mark for dispute. Simply disputing every negative account without consulting our clients is not only illegal and ineffective, but also results in a high return of frivolous responses.

    What is a Frivolous Dispute?
    It is common for the credit reporting agencies to issue a "frivolous dispute letter" in spite of the clarity and completeness of a dispute. "Frivolous letters" are rejection letters that inform you that a dispute has not been processed. Credit reporting agencies are allowed to reject disputes under Section 611 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, but they often use this clause to discourage customer disputes.

    Does Build Perfect Credit Provide My Credit Report?
    Yes. When you become a client of Build Perfect Credit, we request that you submit your credit report to us. If you don't have a copy, we will assist you to get a copy of all three reports for free. If you do not qualify for a free credit report, we will refer you to a number of websites where you can purchase reports online for a low cost. We do not provide your reports to you because the process of obtaining your report will result in an inquiry being placed on your reports. Each inquiry negatively affects your score. Our goal is to help you raise your score - not lower it. If you obtain your report yourself and submit it to us, no negative inquiry will appear.

    How Do I Submit My Reports and Information To Build Perfect Credit?
    Build Perfect Credit provides several ways to submit your credit reports to us. You can Fax, Mail or Email them to us. You can upload them through our website. You can also provide user information for the website where you purchased the reports and we'll download them for you.

  • About Credit


    Can I repair my own credit?
    Yes. Depending on your time, patience, perseverance, and complexity of your dispute, you can successfully dispute inaccurate credit report items on your own. However, credit bureaus' strategies and tactics make the process often time consuming, overly burdensome and ineffective for the consumer. Disputing items is not difficult; getting results are.

    Disputes: Build Perfect Credit Vs. Me?
    Build Perfect Credit has extensive experience in working with the credit bureaus. We are more likely to anticipate the tactics and responses of the credit bureaus. We stay current on consumer credit laws and economic issues. We utilize the newest technology and proven techniques to ensure successful removal of inaccurate credit report information for our clients.

    How is my credit score affected during the repair process?
    During the dispute process with the credit bureaus, your score may change periodically. When disputing 'negative' information on your credit report, the credit bureaus will remove the item(s) in question until it is verified, modified, or deleted. Since we are disputing primarily 'negative' items on your report, your score may increase during the process because the negative item is removed until the investigation is over. This temporary score is not necessarily an indicator of your final credit score. (Disputing personal information such as an incorrect address or date of birth will not typically affect your credit score.) Upon completion of the dispute process, your credit report will then show the new score. Keep in mind each credit bureau has different criteria for determining your score, which is why your score varies from bureau to bureau.

    What makes up my credit score?
    Credit scores are used by creditors to measure the 'risk factor' of a consumer who is applying for a loan or credit line. The credit score can be broken down into the following categories:

    • Payment History - 35%
    • Amount Owed - 30%
    • Length of Credit History - 15%
    • New Credit - 10%
    • Types of Credit in Use - 10%

    What are the Main Credit Bureaus?
    The three credit bureaus are: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. You may click on any of the links to view each bureau's website.

    What are Inquiries?
    Part of your credit score considers the number of inquiries on your credit report. Credit inquiries are placed on your credit report each time a business requests a copy of your report. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires businesses to have an acceptable reason for accessing your credit report. Acceptable reasons include:

    • To grant credit
    • To collect a debt
    • To underwrite insurance
    • For employment
    • Licensure by a government agency
    • Business transactions

    Inquiries on your credit report can drop your score anywhere from 2-5 points. Inquiries on your credit report will remain for two years, but only affect your credit score for one year.

    How can Build Perfect Credit affect my credit score?
    Build Perfect Credit focuses on removing inaccurate, misleading and unverifiable information from your credit profile. Your score is partially based on your entire credit history. Since we are working to correct negative items within your credit history this is likely to have a positive affect on your scores. In addition, each bureau has a different method of receiving information from creditors and not all creditors report to all credit bureaus therefore, your credit scores will be different with each one. As we work on your credit reports, each bureau will update their report therefore affecting each bureau's score.

    What does "Opt Out" mean and how do I "Opt Out"?
    More organizations offer consumers choices about how their personal information is used. Many consumers want to stop companies from using their personal information for marketing purposes. Thus, many companies let consumers "opt out" of having their information shared or used for marketing purposes. To opt out, visit the credit bureau websites listed above and click on "Contact Us" page and then look for the information for Opt Out.

  • About Law


    What are my rights as a consumer? Is credit repair legal?
    Yes. It is your legal right to dispute accounts on your credit report. Build Perfect Credit effectively leverages your consumer rights and our experience is to work directly with the credit bureaus and your individual creditors.

    How does the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) view credit repair?
    The FTC focuses on the unethical agencies and individuals who have taken advantage of the rising demand for credit restoration by posing as credit repair companies on the Internet or via telemarketing; companies that make big promises but provide little results. Consumers should avoid credit repair agencies and/or individuals who guarantee results without exception or guarantee the ability to remove a bankruptcy from your credit report. Their methods are usually unethical and/or even illegal and may subject you to personal liability.

    What is the Fair Credit Reporting Act?
    The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is an American Federal Law that regulates the collection, dissemination, and use of consumer credit information. (PDF format) The FCRA protects consumers and regulates the consumer reporting agencies (CRA's). It provides guidelines for the Credit Bureaus to make sure there is consistency between them, to make sure accurate information is reported, and to protect consumers from inaccurate information. FCRA is also in place to ensure credit bureaus and resellers of consumer reports provide information to creditors, insurers, employers, regard to the confidentiality, accuracy, and legitimate use of such data. When those parties take adverse action based on information indicated in a credit report, they must identify the CRA, which provided the report so the consumer can learn how to get a copy to verify or contest its accuracy and completeness. Creditors and others may not knowingly provide false information to CRA's, which is required to ensure the maximum possible accuracy of a consumer's data. The FCRA regulations also state that you are entitled to a free copy of your credit report; if you have been denied credit, insurance or employment and request the report within 60 days of notice, or if you can prove:

    • Your report is inaccurate because of fraud
    • You are unemployed and plan to look for a job within 60 days
    • You are on welfare