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Our Mission

Our mission is to restore your credit. We will assist you in making informed decisions about your credit future. Understanding you and helping you to thrive is our top priority.

We will help you become more comfortable and confident with the management of your credit rating. Our goal is to provide service designed to exceed your expectations.

Our Philosophy

While the process of repairing credit reports should be easy to do on your own, achieving results can be difficult, time consuming, and frustrating. That's where Build Perfect Credit comes in.

We recognize the need for a variety of services to repair credit for individuals of all income levels. Whether it is disputing information with the credit reporting agencies, negotiating with creditors to achieve debt relief or providing credit education, Build Perfect Credit is your advocate.

Our Team

Build Perfect Credit's team of credit specialists strives to provide the best credit restoration solutions. We work as a team to handle the complex details of credit reporting, debt collection, billing procedures, foreclosures and bankruptcy.

Our legal staff has created strategies to address the actions of credit reporting agencies and creditors. These strategies have achieved a high degree of success for our clients.